Yes, with Atomx you will be able to get a white-labeled version of the user interface. The Whitelabel will give your advertisers and publishers the impression as if you own all available inventory and all offers. Which is kind of true, isn’t it? You increase your brand recognition by tailoring certain elements of the Atomx Ad Server to your brand — including branded email notifications. No technical development or capital expenditure budget needed.

In order to get a whitelabel:

  • Send logos (high resolution images) of your company brand to: Please use either jpg or png. A logo will be needed for the header (top left position → max. width x height: 250x50px) Another company logo will be placed at the login page → max. width x height: 400x400px.
  • Create a subdomain (e.g. or and point it to CNAME
  • Optionally provide a custom CSS to further modify your control panel.

Please take note that Atomx whitelabels do not cover changes of domain names in publisher tags. A publisher tag such as … script data-cfasync=false src=“×600” … cannot be modified into … script data-cfasync=false src=“×600.

For further information go to