I saw bot traffic from Google Cloud in my external advertiser stats. Do I have to pay Atomx for it?

Every once in a while buying clients raise concerns about Google Cloud impressions and clicks showing up in their external buyside statistics. Don’t panic! You will not have to pay for any such traffic. Remains the question, why is this happening? It’s to protect our publishers from malware and auto-redirects. The Atomx Creative Checker constantly loads advertiser’s creative tags by using different IPs, browsers, devices, screen resolutions, operating systems. Doing so it tricks any malicious creative code into executing its “nasty things”. Once a creative is debunked as malicious or auto-redirect it gets automatically excluded from the Atomx Ad Exchange. Buying networks can see these impressions an clicks generated by our Atomx Creative Checker in their external statistics, but not in their Atomx stats. We neither show nor charge buying networks for this protective bot traffic.