Joining an Ad Exchange just became significantly cheaper! 

Last year, two major events changed the landscape of online advertising. In January 2015 parent company Yahoo! switched off RightMedia. In September 2015 AppNexus underwent a game-changing surgery, cleaning up its inventory. And there you are: Neither your demand nor supply side matches the new strict standards of AppNexus and Co., Google doesn’t allow it either, and alternative ad exchanges hammer your supply side with auto-redirects and malware.

But there is hope. Atomx might become your new home. Although still small in size, the Atomx Ad Exchange already made quite some noise: since its launch, joining an ad exchange has become significantly cheaper.

How Was Life Before Atomx?

  • You had to swallow hefty bid reduction fees of up to 20%.
  • Paying an initial setup fee of $15k+ for joining an exchange was considered normal.
  • Monthly minimum fee: $10k was the standard.
  • Ad serving fee for fallback traffic, “minimum resold” fee, etc: $0.02 CPM minimum.
  • Content restrictions: plenty

In contrast, Atomx only calculates the following fees:

  • 8 to 12% bid reduction
  • No initial setup fee
  • No monthly minimum fee
  • No ad serving fee for fallback traffic

Restrictions: no adult, no bot traffic, no auto-redirect, no malware or phishing allowed.

Entering Atomx – What’s in the Basket?

  1. You join an ad exchange based on real-time bidding support (OpenRTB; IAB protocol 2.3).
  2. You use the Atomx Control Panel to manually manage your advertisers and publishers (self-serve).
  3. You can buy and sell display banner traffic for desktop PC and mobile web, soon also for mobile in-app.
  4. If you have the tools in place, you can also dock onto Atomx as DSP or SSP.
  5. Networks can connect via API, which means they can continue to use their own platform/UI.

Which display demand and supply partners benefit from partnering with Atomx?

– If you are an SSP or DSP, you are welcome to connect.
– If you focus on real-time bidding based on a dynamic CPM, you are good to connect, too.
– If AppNexus and RightMedia were ad exchanges you previously used, try Atomx.
– If you focus on video, you might have to wait a bit longer. Right now this is your best option for video ads in Atomx: submit a 300×250 JS tag and run your video ads directly on the publisher’s supply sources. But VAST will be integrated later this year.
– If you focus on mobile: in-app traffic cannot be monetized yet. Stay tuned, it’s coming soon end of August 2016.

Do you need a whitelabel for your seat at Atomx? Check out our wiki:

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