Atomx now sells and buys Mobile App Traffic

Our Ad Exchange has an interesting new feature in stock: mobile app traffic. New campaigns and creatives can target this type of traffic right away. All existing creatives are enabled to buy mobile app traffic, too. But that does not mean they automatically do. To implement this new option smoothly into our Exchange we decided to add a new placement type (“APP”), and set it as “Excluded” by default for existing campaigns. Advertisers interested in mobile app traffic will have to change this campaign setting first to be able to buy impressions from mobile apps. -> Inventory Targeting (see pic).

How does mobile app traffic show up in statistics, and how does it separate from mobile web traffic? Reporting now contains two new groups: “App” and “Placement Type”. You easily differentiate between the two: Mobile app traffic will have the “Unknown” domain but show an app name, and mobile web traffic will have the “Unknown” app, but show a domain name. If your campaign targets domains, it will not be able to buy mobile app traffic. If you target apps-only, you will not be able to buy mobile web traffic.

There are also 4 new macros in place:

  • ${APP_ID}

For more information see: or contact your network manager.