We offer conversion tracking via image pixels and S2S pixels for our buy side clients.

Option 1: Image Pixel | To track a conversion within the Atomx reporting you will have to give your advertiser an image pixel. The advertiser will place it on the thank-you page / confirmation page of the offer. Once the image pixel gets loaded it pings our system. Pretty simple.

Option 2: S2S pixel | Server-2-Server conversion tracking is a smarter way to track conversions without the necessity to modify the thank you or confirmation page. It’s also known as “cookie-less tracking”, “S2S tracking” or “post back URL conversion”. But the setup of an S2S pixel is less straight forward and might require some learning. How to set up S2S pixels? Let’s use an example: Your advertiser gave you this popunder landing URL:


Step 1) Ask your advertiser for a suitable conversion tracking parameter that needs to be added to the popunder creative. In our case the advertiser gave us: c3=

The modified popunder will now look like this:


Step 2) Give your advertiser an Atomx S2S pixel. Example:


But modify the pixel this way:


Last not least: Don’t forget to connect the pixel with your campaign! -> Campaigns -> General -> Conversion Pixels