In today’s Atomx blog post we are going to explain statistical discrepancies between pop impressions counted in Atomx stats vs. advertiser’s stats. For better understanding, let’s first look at an ordinary display banner tag placed on a web page. A javascript or iframe code will be loaded by the web visitor, together with the entire web page content. The ad impression caused will be counted on both ends: Atomx statistics + advertiser’s statistics. Discrepancies between the two are usually not bigger than 1 to 5%.

But a higher discrepancy comparing pop statistics is common. By that we mean statistical discrepancies between the pop impressions you see in Atomx reports compared to advertiser-specific tracking services (Google Analytics, Hitstats etc.).

For Atomx a pop creative counts as delivered when the pop source url was loaded properly on the user’s device. From there it will be up to the web visitor to make it count in the advertiser’s stats. What can go wrong? Actually not much, because a web visitor with javascript or cookies disabled will not even trigger the pop tag to load and therefore will not count in Atomx statistics. But there is one more very important factor:

Bounce rate

The bounce rate is calculated based on the number of visitors that open your website and take no action. Means: they simply leave before navigating any other page. For example there might be a timed delay set for the popup to load: 2 seconds … oops, the user was already gone. And the popunder: It was waiting for an action of the web visitor, e.g. a click on a link or scrolling down the web page … instead he closed the tab; what a bummer 😦 The bounce rate explains statistical discrepancies because visitors often take no action on the page. This behavior leaves the popunder js tag untriggered in the first place. Our Atomx popunder was not able to jump upon that web visitor because no action was taken. Atomx statistics will track a bouncing visitor, your advertiser’s statistics will not.

Bottom line: Don’t expect to see the exact same amount of pop impressions within your Atomx reports and your advertiser’s reports. Expect discrepancies. It’s normal. Just check your own behavior when a pop jumps upon you. How long will it take you to close it 😉