Using Atomx as an Ad Server | Atomx is more than a DSP, SSP and Marketplace. One can use Atomx as an Ad Server, too. In this case ‘ad serving’ means: an Atomx partner is trading a certain amount of impressions only between his own buyers and sellers, but not with other clients in the Atomx Ad Exchange.

Here are some reasons why Atomx might be the perfect ad server of your choice:

1. Fees | Having your “own” Ad Server isn’t free. But it can be cheap. Although there are companies that offer free ad serving up to a certain amount of impressions, a serious media buyer will exceed such impression limits quickly. The cost of professional ad serving is anywhere from $0.01 to $0.10 CPM plus CDN costs between $0.02 and $0.06 per gigabyte of transfer. Atomx serves you 1,000 impressions at $0.015 with no content delivery network costs. Anybody out there able to beat that? Raise your hands.

2. Insights | Not using an own ad server means: you’re at the mercy of the publisher when it comes to mining campaign insights. Using the Atomx Ad Server will give you very granular insights about your campaign’s performance, telling you exactly what’s working what isn’t.

3. Creative loading speed | In order to serve millions of impressions per day you will have to use a strong, fast ad server with endpoints worldwide. The Atomx Ad Server is based on Google Cloud. You are in good hands.

4. Realtime Data | Ad Server reporting varies. Some companies only give you hourly or daily updates, others have stats delays of 5 hours or more. Atomx gives you realtime statistics, updated the moment you enter our Quick Stats web page. Still, finalized numbers will only be avaibable once a day is finished and stats are synced.

5. Checks and Balances | High-volume advertisers buy impressions across multiple sell side sources. Using your own Ad Server will add checks and balances to your media buying. Atomx allows you to manage all your clients and campaigns from one single point of control.