Today’s Atomx blog post guides you thru the necessary steps in order to test an advertiser’s creative.

1) Set up a Test Publisher. In case you don’t want to spoil your advertiser’s statistics at Atomx, you might also set up an additional Test Advertiser just for this purpose.
2) Within the Advertiser account set up a Test Campaign, but deactivate it immediately.
3) Submit and connect the creative to be tested with this campaign.
4) Advertiser campaign targeting options: Do not set any filters other than this one -> point the campaign to the Test Publisher only.

Atomx how to test a creative


5) Within your Test Publisher account, set no other filter than this one -> point the publisher’s inventory to your Advertiser’s test campaign only.



7) place the Publisher’s banner tag on a web page that is part of a public domain and load it in a browser. In case you don’t have such option available, you can alternatively use our Atomx Placement Analyzer. This Placement Analyzer currently supports IP tests from CA, US, UK, SA, NL, MX, IT, IN, ID, FR, DE, CN, BR, AU.

Atomx Placement Analyzer


Now that you’ve done all the right moves, the creative might still does not show up when testing. Here are some possible reasons:

  •  The creative is part of a campaign limited by a GEO filter, and it does not include the country used by the person testing it.
  • Your advertiser has set up a frequency cap of 1 impressions per user and this impression did already happen.
  • Your advertiser only allows impressions from one certain device type, excluding other device types. Example: allowed are Phones only, but you are testing the creative via a PC.
  • Your advertiser switches off his campaign at certain times of the day, e.g. from midnight to 7am in the morning. But you are testing between 0:00 and 06:59am
  • Your advertiser only allows certain browsers, but you are testing the creative via a browser that is excluded.
  • Your test campaign and/or test advertiser account and/or test publisher account is not active.