3G versus WiFi | A question we sometimes get: Why do numbers of mobile impressions from 3G/WiFi users differ between Atomx and 3rd party statistics? Atomx separates a WiFi impression from a 3G impression by using IP2Location. Founded in 2002, IP2Location is a Malaysian company offering IP geolocation software applications, i.e. tools that attempt to derive geographical data, and also connection speed, mobile ISP and domain name, about an Internet user. If IP2Location marks a certain IP address as 3G, Atomx will count it as such. IP2Location is quite popular (https://www.quora.com/Which-is-the-most-accurate-IP-geolocation-service), but of course not everybody relies on this particular software. The majority of mobile ad networks and advertisers follow Google Analytics, MaxMind, Hitstats, DigitalElement a.o. Different systems have different ways of counting impressions, different technologies as well as different points when an impression is registered as 3G or WiFi. Due to these and other technical reasons the IAB recommends a tolerance of up to 10% discrepancy.

To better understand your IP based reports, be aware of our Creative Checker. Some of the IPs in your 3rd party statistics – such as – are caused by our Creative Checker. The advertiser does not pay for this traffic. It’s communicated thru our demo sessions, briefings and our Atomx Blog. Buying networks need to understand and communicate this when discussing 3rd party statistics with an advertiser.