Latest addition to our Atomx Ad Exchange is video VAST*. Now every Atomx partner can buy and sell video traffic; VAST 2.0 and 3.0.

1) Buying Video Traffic

With the introduction of ‘video’ into the Atomx portfolio, we need to re-define the metrics ‘impression’. Video impressions are those impressions that successfully started a video play. Video buyers will be only charged for these particular impressions. Be aware: an impression that resulted in a video play will include those ones a user manually skipped and it will include unfinished video plays, too. Bidding on a video impression is comparable to ‘Cost-per-view’ (CPV) bidding as the default way to set the amount you’ll pay for video ads in Atomx.

See the definition of a video impression from the VAST specs:
“<Impression>: a URI that directs the video player to a tracking resource file that the video player should request when the first frame of the ad is displayed.”

With traditional display ads, web users may see your ad, and click your URL to go directly to your offer. This type of interaction doesn’t take interactive content like video ads into account. With CPV and video ads reporting, you can evaluate how engaged viewers are with your content, where they choose to watch your videos, and when they drop off from watching your content.

Video buyers can submit video VAST urls right here:



You can change the VAST type if necessary. If a video advertisement caused an impression to be counted but video did not start playing, traffic will be counted as fallback at no extra charge.

2) Selling Video Traffic

If you have videos on your web site, video advertisements are an option to increase your revenue. Online video ads work the same as TV ads. Just as ads appear on your TV during a show, video ads serve during videoclips that play on your site. In order to sell video traffic to Atomx, publishers will have to copy a video tag from their Placement web page (Settings -> Format -> Video).



Atomx only supports linear ads = video ads that appear before (pre-roll), after (post-roll), or during a break in the video content (mid-roll). We do not support non-linear video ads. It is necessary to add a domain and a size to a publisher’s video vast tag. Otherwise no video ad will show up.


*VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) is a specification developed by the IAB for serving video ads. It provides a framework for embedding in-stream video advertisments. VAST was designed to facilitate and standardize the communication between video players and video ad servers.