A good explanation why sometimes advertisers don’t win often enough, even if there seems to be so much traffic available.

Quite a challenging and controversial feature is our info field ‘Available Inventory‘. We added this menu at Campaign Targeting in order to have a prediction tool in place. The numbers you see represent yesterday’s average winning bid after subtracting an eventual Buying Network Profit. Now you assume you will win the majority of those available impressions by just going 1 cent ahead of this suggested CPM, correct? Sorry, but there is a catch.  A) SSPs connected to Atomx don’t give us any price feedback if our advertisers loose the bidding battle, and B) Our suggested CPM is only based on bids we did win. The winning bid ofor those bids we lost we never really know. Atomx never knows how much higher an advertiser would have to go in order to win more unsold traffic from an SSP.

A posssible way out: If your wallet can effort it, bid twice as high and see where it takes you.