Fallbacks and Floor Prices | While buying-traffic at the lowest possible CPM is a welcome relief for Buying Networks’ wallets, sellers don’t necessarily like this. But a seller at Atomx is not completely left at the merci of a buyer. Atomx gives Selling Networks and publishers tools to avoid low paying bidders.

1) Minimum Floor Price

A minimum floor price set in a publisher’s Selling Restrictions menu keeps inventory from being sold too cheap. But it needs to be backed up with Fallback tags to avoid wasting unsold impressions.

Minimum floor prices can be set on Publisher- and on Selling Network level

2) Fallback tags (Passbacks)

Fallbacks – also called passbacks – are a necessary tool to catch up with unsold traffic, may it be because Atomx did not have any buyers for a seller’s ad request or no buyer did top the minimum floor price set in the publisher’s Selling Restrictions Profile. Of course this works both ways: In Atomx, you can create a fallback publisher account and then implement his ad tags into another ad exchange / ad network to be used as fallbacks over there. You can also take similar ad tags from another ad exchange / ad network to be used as the fallbacks within Atomx. These fallback ad tags will be called when there is no available ad to serve from Atomx vendors or when an ad request cannot be filled due to high minimum floor prices found in the publisher’s Selling Restrictions. Fallback tags will also be used in case Atomx detects bot traffic.