Atomx Ad Serving Fee Explained | Pretty much everybody instantly understands our 12% buying and selling fee (called “Bid Reduction”). But when it comes to the Managed Fee, many new clients are asking twice. This post will help making the Managed Fee more transparent.

Our Pricing web page mentions an invoiced $0.015 cpm Managed Fee ( When exactly does it apply? Does it apply to
-> a Network only buying from Atomx: no
-> a Network only selling to Atomx: no
-> a DSP: no
-> an SSP: no
-> a Network with buy side and sell side activity, that disallows any traffic trading between publishers and advertisers managed by this network: no

The Managed Fee only applies to an Atomx client that allows traffic trading between its own publishers and advertisers. This special case is called Ad Serving. It is no longer considered trading traffic in the Atomx Ad Exchange. The moment a network uses Atomx as an ad server only, no 12% Bid Reduction applies but a managed fee of $0.015 cpm will be charged. That’s 1.5 cents per 1000 impressions served. Atomx never charges both Bid Reduction and Managed Fee. It can only be one fee at a time.

In case Managed Fees did occur, they will be listed in a client’s monthly buyside invoice.

Atomx Managed Fees listed in invoice
Atomx Managed Fees listed in invoice