No Domain Detected | Taking a look at “Site Details” -> “Domain detected” in publisher accounts, this message shows up quite often. And over time the message does not seem to go away, neither can it be manually modified by the publisher nor the selling network. But sometimes real domain names appear. How does this work?

Our Domain Detection Tool  is constantly doing daily checkups in all publisher accounts. But only traffic from Google Chrome and Safari traffic will be used for detection purposes. At least 1,000 impressions per day from Chrome and/or Safari need to roll in. And 75% of this detected traffic need to come from one domain. Only  then the message “No domain detected” will change into a real domain name. A domain name would show up as main traffic source in an Atomx publisher’s account until the day when traffic from this listed domain does no longer meet the criteria mentioned above.

Most important information for publishers: It will not matter to an advertiser if a domain name has been detected. What matters: has a publisher’s traffic source been classified by our Domain Audit Team? Advertisers don’t get publishers domain information from the Domain Detection Tool  but from the Domain Audit Team. Our Audit Team checks each domain that was sending at least 5,000 impressions within 24 hours. The team members will have load the domain and check it for content and for Atomx banners. It will then be categorized according to iab-standard.

Atomx domain auditing: A mix of automated recommendations and manual classifying.
Atomx domain classification is done manually.