You just received an email from Atomx with the subject: Campaign automatically disabled. What happened? Your campaign has been disabled due to no buying activity in the last 30 days. An automated campaign clean-up kicks in once per day, excluding those campaigns from our auctions that no longer get activity although they are still active. This automated deactivation speeds up overall system performance and saves us a lot of precious bidding time.
What to do now? Nothing. Atomx took care of it. If you wish to re-activate this campaign, just go ahead. By doing so you will keep it active another 30 days.

This is our workflow:
-> An Atomx script – identified as user (0) API – will set the campaign status to ‘INACTIVE’.
-> An email notification will be sent to the user who last edited the campaign.

Campaign disabled. Example email notification from Atomx
Campaign disabled. Example email notification from Atomx.