Atomx Creative Audit | Atomx reserves the right to conduct automated and human creative reviews. Creatives that don’t meet the Atomx Ad Exchange policies will be rejected and therefore disabled to win impressions until corrected. Our Creative Audit happens in multiple steps – done mainly by bots with a final check by an Atomx employee.

Important: neither our automated creative checks nor the checking done by our Audit team are responsible for the following possible issues: broken URLs, landing page error, media not functional, as size does not match ad slot, blank creative, creative does not click-through properly. All these problems listed need to be resolved and controlled by the buyer / advertiser.

What’s the goal of creative auditing at Atomx?

Our 3rd party tools check for malware, spyware, phishing attempts and auto-redirects. An in-house tool then checks for possible adult/pornographic content. Our audit team finally reviews all categorizations and markers made by these tools.

Usually creatives are audited within 1 to 2 hours but can be rejected at anytime. On weekends and at night time auditing activity is reduced. In any case it should not take longer than 8 hours to get an approval.