Atomx Domain Auditing | The purpose of auditing domains is to offer advertisers an option to choose suitable categories for their ads. Improperly categorized domains can lead to wrongly placed advertisements, and that might lead advertisers turning away from our Atomx Ad Exchange. Examples: a trailer for a new Hollywood movie shows up on a download site, a women’s skincare advertisement is placed on a rugby domain.

Per our company policy, we require domains to be classified by an appropriate IAB category. The IAB (Interactive Marketing Bureau) developed amongst others a standardized API specification for companies interested in an open protocol for the automated digital ad trading (OpenRTB).

Each new domain that is sending ad requests to Atomx will be classified at some point. The higher the amount of daily ad requests the faster it will be checked and audited. New traffic sources sending at least 20,000 ad requests within 24 hours will be classified within one day. If you have a domain you’d like to get audited in advance, please contact support and we will audit it for you.