Self-serve SSP Tool | We added a new feature to the Atomx UI: “SSP”. Trusted partners now have the option to add SSPs to their sell side inventory. Please ask your network manager for an Addendum that expands your existing contract with Atomx. It needs to be signed first in order to unlock the new self-serve SSP Tool in your Atomx seat.

Pricing: For unsold bid requests, our self-serve SSP service is not free of charge. Although the fee per 1,000 unsold ad requests is very low. Atomx will invoice an SSP/DSP fee of $0.0001 CPM for 1,000 unsold ad requests. This fee covers Atomx’ ad serving cost and reminds users of this new tool to act cost conscious. Sellers can avoid part of this cost by setting up proper filters. Example: A high minimum floor prize on the SSP side will cause less ad requests being sold in Atomx. SSP/DSP fee (invoiced): see

How to add an SSP: Approved Atomx partners may
-> click on “SSP”
-> Add a new SSP by choosing either OpenRTB for banners or XML for pop feed
-> Copy the endpoint URL and give it to the sell side partner

Atomx ssp-endpoint
Atomx self-serve SSP tool.