Self-serve DSP Tool | After adding a self-serve SSP Tool just 3 weeks ago, we are now complete with launching a similar DSP Tool. You find this new feature to the Atomx UI in our top menu: “DSP”. Trusted partners have the option to add DSP advertisers to their buy side. Please ask your network manager to be approved for this tool.

How to add a self-serve DSP: Approved Atomx partners may
-> click on “DSP”
-> Add a new DSP by choosing either OPENRTB for banners or XML for pop feed
-> Add the endpoint URL from the buy side client

Atomx self-serve DSP Tool
How to add a private DSP / RTB Advertiser.


Self-serve DSP Tool
Self-serve DSP Tool. Go to your Network Entities to add or maintain your self-serve DSPs.

Pricing: Although the fee is very low, our self-serve DSP Tool is not completely free of charge. Atomx is sending bid requests to your DSP endpoint URLs. As long as you are buying them, no additional fee occurs. Bid requests you did ignore will cause a DSP Fee of $0.0001 per 1000 unsold bid requests. In our Atomx Reporting this traffic can be found under ‘Billable Requests’. The DSP Fee covers Atomx’ ad serving cost and reminds you to act cost conscious. You can avoid part of this cost by setting up proper filters. Examples: Setting up an Inventory Targeting that only allows the banner sizes 300×250 and 160×600 to be send to your DSP endpoint will stop Atomx from sending you bid requests from other unwanted banner sizes. A geo filter only allowing traffic from United States and Canada will stop Atomx to send you unwanted traffic from the rest of the world. For further information about the SSP/DSP fee (invoiced): see

Atomx DSP billable requests
Atomx statistics show billable requests via DSP metrics.