Atomx Bid Analysis for Buyers | “Why is my campaign not getting enough traffic?” This is by far the most asked question from advertisers.

This blog post gives you details on how to use our new Bid Analysis in order to help shaping your buy or sell strategy. We discontinued the Campaign Debug, but added Bid Analysis – a stronger tool that provides advertisers snapshots of campaign activities. You find a Bid Analysis link in the left sidebar. Take note that Bid Analysis reports only contain data samples from 1% of all ad requests, showing data for the last 7 days.

For buyers, these are some of the more common reasons shown in a buy side bid analysis for ad requests out of reach:

-> Campaign has no creative for placement type
-> Campaign has no creative for placement size
-> Campaign bid is below floor price
-> Buyer restriction excludes country
-> Buyer restriction excludes device type
-> Buyer restriction excludes domain category
-> Campaign creatives filtered based on attributes

Atomx bid analysis buy
Atomx bid analysis example for a buyer.

Bid Analysis in combination with our Atomx wide reporting at give you options to optimize the buy side targeting.