Yesterday a new version of the Atomx UI has been launched. Among others we slightly reduced the Control-Panel memory usage, which should make the UI load a bit faster. Here is some information about updates for our Ad Exchange:

Network Icon | To better differentiate between Network users and normal users (Advertisers/Publishers) we introduced the globe icon (see header image). A globe icon showing up indicates, only Network users are able to see and modify this particular part of a menu.

Timezones clarified | Quite frequently questions about time zones come up when dealing with the menu Time Parting on campaign level. We added a clarifying note: You select the date/time blocks where the user should be targeted. All times are in the local time zone of the browser the ad is shown in.
A different topic, but still related to time zones: If you want to change the default time zone for all your Atomx reports, click on your user name on the top left and edit the User Details -> Time Zone.

Bid Analysis for DSPs | Our new Bid Analysis tool – introduced via the previous UI version – is now also available on DSP level. For additional information on this topic go here -> Bid Analysis.
Furthermore we added Browser and OS to DSP reporting.

Atomx dsp bid analysis
Atomx self-serve DSP bid analysis.