Atomx Pricing Explained | Atomx is not too different from other comparable Ad Exchanges or Ad Servers, only that we are cheaper. To better understand each of our possible fees we list and explain them right here.

1) Bid Reduction (Atomx Profit) – 12%
2) Managed Fee (Ad Serving Fee) – $0.015 CPM
3) Creative Audit Fee – $0.10 per creative
4) SSP Fee – $0.0001 CPM per 1000 unsold bid requests
5) Whitelabel fees – $500 or $1000

1) Bid Reduction (Atomx Profit) – 12% | This fee will neither be invoiced nor shown to Atomx partners. We take it away from the public eye. Still you might want to know how this works out. The Bid Reduction applies to bids won by Advertisers / ad requests sold by Publishers. Example: an advertiser did win 1000 bids at an average of $1.00 CPM. He will see this amount spent in his statistics and pay it to the Buying Network that owns this Advertiser. But Atomx will only proceed $0.88 to the sellside. Looking at it from the standpoint of a Selling Network: Sellers can’t see the initial winning bid of an Advertiser. Only after Atomx subtracted the 12% Bid Reduction Fee, the Selling Network will see the amount it earned. In case you use Atomx as an Ad Server only, there will be no bid reduction happening but a Managed Fee applied. See point 2.

-> Bid Reduction: you can’t see it, you can’t feel it, you will not be invoiced for that.

2) Managed Fee (Ad Serving Fee) – $0.015 CPM | In case you buy and sell traffic inside your own Atomx seat only, you are using Atomx as an Ad Exchange. In this case we apply a $0.015 CPM Managed Fee. There can be only one fee being applied: Either a Bid Reduction or a Managed Fee. It can never be both.

-> Managed Fee: applies to you if you are using Atomx for Ad Serving only. No bid reduction will be done in this case.

3) Creative Audit Fee – $0.10 per creative | Each creative an Advertiser submits to the Atomx Audit Queue will cost $0.10. This is a one-time-fee.

4) SSP Fee – $0.0001 CPM per 1000 unsold bid requests | Atomx has its own bidder technology. Clients can use Atomx as their DSP and/or SSP. This service is not completely free of charge, but the fees are very low. Example 1: Atomx is sending bid requests to your DSP endpoint URL. As long as you are buying them, no additional fee occurs. But bid requests you did ignore will cause an SSP Fee of $0.0001 per 1000 unsold bid requests / ignored bid requests. Example 2: Atomx is receiving large amounts of traffic from your SSP, but the vast majority can’t be sold due to various reasons. Any unsold bid request will cause that same $0.0001 CPM SSP Fee for you as the Seller. In our Atomx Reporting unsold/ignored SSP/DSP traffic can be found under ‘Billable Requests’. The SSP Fee covers Atomx’ ad serving cost and reminds you to act cost conscious. You can avoid large parts of this cost by setting up proper filters. Examples: Setting up an Inventory Targeting that only allows the banner sizes 300×250 and 160×600 to be send to your DSP endpoint will stop Atomx from sending you bid requests from other unwanted banner sizes. A geo filter only allowing traffic from United States and Canada will stop Atomx to send you unwanted traffic from the rest of the world. As an SSP you can avoid large parts of this fee by checking on our traffic pattern in Atomx via and sending us only traffic that has a fair chance to being sold.

-> SSP Fee can be avoided by buying the traffic we send to you / by sending bid requests to Atomx that have a high chance to be sold.

5) Whitelabel fees – $500 or $1000 | Whitelabel give your advertisers and publishers the impression as if you own all available inventory and all offers. Which is kind of true, isn’t it? At least you have access to it. A whitelabel increases your brand recognition by tailoring certain elements of the Atomx User Interface to your brand — including branded email notifications. No technical development needed. Atomx offers a basic white-labeled version of the control panel interface at $500 one-time fee. The entire Atomx ad exchange will carry your brand name and logo and you represent your advertisers and publishers to the Atomx marketplace under your brand. No technical development or capital expenditure budget needed. You just provide your ad inventory, your traffic supply or both. Take advantage of the demand and supply that Atomx has in your region. In order to do this:

  • Send vector versions (EPS/PDF) or high resolution (PNG) images of your company logo. One logo will be used as a header at the top left position → max. width x height: 250x50px; Another company logo will be placed at the login page → max. width x height: 400x400px. Atomx does not have a Graphic Designer on staff to create custom logos for you. Please send us fixed logos. The 250×50 should preferably be transparent.
  • Create a subdomain (e.g. and point it to CNAME
  • Provide us a reply-to e-mail address to add in all e-mails that are being sent
  • Optionally provide a custom CSS to modify the colors of your control panel

When done, send all this info to We will build your white-label within a few days at a $500 one-time fee. See some examples: Whitelabel Deliads – Whitelabel XtendAds – Whitelabel – Whitelabel CPMplex – Whitelabel AdGlance.

Restrictions: This $500 basic Atomx whitelabel solution does not cover any domain masking of ‘’ in publisher tags. Example: a publisher tag such as <script src="//"... will not be modified into <script src="//"... In case you want to have publisher banner tags changed to your whitelabel domain, Atomx will charge you another one-time fee of additional $500 for this service.

-> basic Whitelabel: $500 one-time-fee / Whitelabel with domain masking: $1,000