ZIP Code Converter | Our latest addition to the Atomx User Interface is a ZIP/Postal Code menu. Before using it be aware that Atomx buyers need to convert a national postal code into a global ID first before pasting this global ID into the campaign’s ZIP/Postal Code menu.

Why not adding a ZIP code right away? Handling postal codes from all over the world in one database is not possible unless you come up with a solution eliminating duplicates. Example: 10115. This code covers an areas in Germany’s capital Berlin. At the same time it covers an area in New York City. Getting all postal codes under one roof requires a unique global ID per national postal code. Atomx came up with this solution:

1: Go to

2: Paste your national ZIP Codes.

3: Copy our global IDs.

4: Paste the global IDs into your campaign -> Inventory Targeting -> ZIP/Postal Codes.

atomx zip code converter
Atomx zip code converter