Broker Fees | Buying Networks are given a ‘Broker Fee’ option on Advertiser level, DSP level and Campaign level. This option can alternatively be used to secure profit before paying Media Cost to Atomx. It is actually common to determine Buying Network Profit thru the option ‘Revenue Share’ on Network level. But this option appeared to be not flexible enough for some of our Buying Networks. They were asking for a more dynamic way to carve off buy side profits before paying Atomx. For them the Broker Fee option comes in handy. If profit margins need to be differnt between advertiser accounts or even between campaigns: ignore ‘Revenue Share’ on Network level, but instead use the ‘Broker Fee’ option provided on Advertiser and Campaign level.

Broker fees can be used for taking profit from your buyers.
Buying Networks use the Broker Fee option for taking profit from buyers.