How to target Apps in Atomx via Bundle IDs | You can now use Bundle IDs to target a desired App via the Atomx App Targeting. Copy an paste a Bundle ID into the field Apps. By using the Bundle ID you avoid eventual mixups with similarly named Apps. If no App name shows up after you pasted the Bundle ID, Atomx does not have any traffic from this particular App.
Every iOS and Android app is based on a unique Bundle ID. This is a string that is set up during development, usually in the form of Examples: com.thechive.Chive, com.ebay.iphone,, tv.yokee.karaoke. While given App Names might vary or change over time, a bundle ID remains unique, pretty much comparable with a unique domain address. In Atomx you can paste either bundle IDs, App names or Atomx App IDs. Examples:

Bundle ID corresponding App Name in Atomx  App ID in Atomx 
com.ebaykleinanzeigen.ebc Marktplaats 223363 Radio & Podcast 448694
com.thechive.Chive Resignation Media – The Chive – iOS – Tier 2 196034


Copy and paste th Bundle ID.
Copy and paste th Bundle ID.