Atomx turns three | Happy Anniversary! This month, our Atomx Ad Exchange turns 3 years.

Founded in October 2015, Atomx evolved into a full stack media exchange that connects DSPs, SSPs, direct advertisers and direct publishers. Our goal is to provide all these media buyers and sellers a truly open, transparent ad exchange with access to programmatic and direct demand and supply and with real-time reporting. In order to attract customers,

– we made the Atomx Ad Exchange very affordable and globally accessible.
– We built a modular and flexible platform, based on realtime bidding (dynamic CPM)
– We offer public and private full Whitelabel solution.
– SSPs can sell traffic to Atomx buyers.
– DSPs can buy traffic from Atomx sellers.
– Clients can use Atomx for pure ad serving.

Atomx Milestones

– Performance Optimization Menus added to the UI in January 2016
– NativeAds support added in December 2017
– Video VAST support added in February 2018
– User Sync added in June 2018

Atomx can act as self serve ad exchange for buyers and sellers of display ads and pops – both mobile and desktop. Atomx can also be a DSP, SSP, or even just an ad server. Adding a whitelabel, it can even become the main online business site for a client. Having its own bidder, Atomx offers online auction infrastructure and technology for data management, optimization, financial clearing and support for directly negotiated advertising campaigns.

Find out more about our Ad Exchange, Ad Server, DSP, SSP at