Atomx Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) | Over the past four years, the Atomx crew has been developing not just an ad exchange but an entire ecosystem for trading display banners and pops. Since Atomx operates its own bidder, Buyers can use it as their openRTB based data management platform. For Sellers it provides all options of a data broker. Layers of technology help making buying and selling straightforward and streamlined. Atomx is price transparent, very granular and the Atomx UI is very intuitive. You can rent this programmatic technology SaaS style on a monthly fee, using Atomx as your own ad exchange, RTB client (DSP) and RTB server (SSP).

What does Atomx SaaS include?
It will include infrastructure, UI, bug fixes, technical support. Scaling the number of machines is guaranteed. The volume of requests being received is done using Google’s automatic scaling (Google Loadbalancer as a frontend).

How much does Atomx SaaS cost?
It will cost you a monthly fixed fee + a low CPM fee of $0.00005 per 1,000 bid requests = $50 per 1,000,000,000 requests. Prices vary based on customer loyalty, importance and scale. Ask us about customized packages.

What’s in for your Buyers?
Popular estimate in the non-programmatic online ad biz: Per average buyer $10,000 of overhead go into standard ad buying per month. As they say in tech, that doesn’t scale. Atomx DSP options eliminate the need to negotiate ad rates and do things manually.

What’s in for your Sellers?
Ad-serving and rule engine. The rule engine is to maximize monetization. You can set rules like waterfall: provide the inventory to the highest bidder, once the fill or eCPM drops, move your sellers’ inventory to the next highest monetizer. Remnant inventory that your direct publishers can’t sell, can be diverted to other exchanges via fallbacks/passbacks.