Atomx supports Native Ads.

(1) DSPs:

‘Native’ is just another OpenRTB based Placement Type. As long as it’s supported in their tech, they are good to go.

(2) Direct Advertisers

Direct Advertisers will see the option ‘Native Ad’ when submitting creatives as a new option to choose from. Atomx supports the upload of image + text + link.

It is recommended to analyse available inventory first via In step two you may customize your Native Ads to make them better fitting with the content shown on the publisher’s source.

A special note about the images you upload: Our system is a bit picky regarding height and width. We don’t any image cropping tool in place. Images for Native Ads need to have any of these banner sizes in order to be approved:

300×250 or 336×448 or 600×300 or 800×440 or 800×600 or 1024×768