Very often new clients ask the question: Why is my campaign at Atomx not getting any traffic at all? There is a number of possibilities that may prevent your campaign from receiving traffic. Getting no traffic at all most likely means, you will have to look for a setting that blocks all traffic:

  • campaign state: inactive
  • maximum dcpm not set at all or set to $0.00
  • no creative connected to campaign
  • no budget set
  • campaign end date set in past
  • setting up too many ‘includes’ in campaign targeting menus
  • advertiser state: inactive

Check if your max. daily budget is not accidentally preventing your campaign from buying traffic. Ensure that the campaign start and end dates are set up correctly.

Also check the campaign targeting:

  • Are there actually impressions available in Atomx based on your campaign setup? Take a look at Atomx’ current traffic here ->
  • Sometimes an unlucky combination of settings can prevent your campaign from buying, e.g. chosing the target ‘Android OS’, but only including the device type ‘PC’.


For desktop PC traffic set your campaign max. dcpm to $0.10+ to have a fair chance of winning at least some bids. Below $0.10 there will be hardly any traffic available. For pop traffic you may have to bid at least $0.50+ in Tier 2 countries, and $1.00+ in Tier 1 countries. Mobile traffic usually starts selling impressions at $0.35+ minimum CPM.