Trade Adult Traffic thru our new Domain “” adult traffic adult traffic | Good news for Advertisers and Publishers waiting to trade adult traffic: thru a different ad server, Atomx is gradually opening towards Adult Content, still making sure that our existing Mainstream Ad Exchange is not affected by this move.

(1) Adult Advertisers

Adult Advertisers: On the advertiser details page your Network Manager can now set an advertiser to “Adult Only” per request. Only Atomx Network Managers can do this, network owners can’t do this by themselves. Please contact your Network Manager in case you want to get started.

Creatives uploaded for an “Adult Only” Advertiser will no longer be rejected for using adult domains or adult content. Our Atomx Audit Team will continue to mark them as “Adult”, but this no longer causes them to be completely banned. Instead, adult creatives will be able to buy from traffic sources categorized as “Adult/Pornographic”. As a consequence these same creatives will no longer be able to buy traffic from mainstream sources.

Adult Only
To get your advertisers hooked up with our Adult Ad Aerver, contact your Network Manager.

(2) Adult Publishers

Adult Publishers: On the placement page there is now an “Adult” advanced option. When ticking this select button, it will change the ad serving domain from “” to “”. All placements using can only be bought be Adult Only advertisers. As a consequence these same placements will no longer be able to sell traffic to non-adult demand.


Atomx Adult Ad Server =

A short cut for existing publishers would be: just change the domain in your current banner tags from to

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